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With over four decades of expertie, our company boasts an impressive track record in power transformer repair.

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Power Transformer Engineering Services Unit (PTESU formerly Transformer Reclamation (Power) Workshop is an important project of Pakistan WAPDA Foundation which is governed by BOD headed by the Honorable Chairman WAPDA) .

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Years of Experience

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PTESU Achievements

PTESU has offered services to numerous customers throughout country. More than 472 Nos. power Transformers of 132kV to 500kV voltage were successfully repaired.
Some Major services are as under:

  • 250MVA: 220/132kV Mitsubishi make special transformer of K.E.
  • 155MVA: 11/132kV, CGE make generator transformer of KANUPP.
  • 200MVA, 500kV, TBEA make bank transformer of HPS Ghazi Barotha.
  • 138MVA; 12.5/220KV Savigiliano make Generator Transformer HPS Mangla.
  • 240MVA, 220kV, TBEA make transformer of nandipur power house
  • 144MVA, 220kV, Skoda make unit Transformer of HPS mangla
  • 250 MVA; 220/132 kV Toshiba Make Auto Transformer of K.E
  • 250 MVA, 220kV TBEA make Auto Transformer of NTDC.
  • 200 MVA Tranfo-Union Make Auto Transformer of 500kV Grid Station Sheikhupura NTDC


Our company offers internship opportunities to Engineering students from various colleges and universities, focusing on power transformer repair and other electrical related services. Through our internship program, Engineering students gain valuable hands on experience in the field of electrical maintenance and repair, working alongside seasoned professionals. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of electrical experts and providing them with a platform to enhance their skills and knowledge in this critical industry.


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Complete rewinding of Power Transformer, the only component of Transformer which deteriorates with time is its insulation. PTESU
rewinds complete Transformers with World renowned “WEIDMANN”
Swiss make insulations.

  • Use best materials and labor in every project.

  • Integrity and honesty from top to bottom.

  • Affordable and fair prices.


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