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We Take Care All Type Of
Power Transformer Services

  • In-House Major Service

Complete Rewinding of Power Transformer:

The only component of Transformer which deteriorates with time is its insulation. PTESU rewinds complete Transformers with World renowned "WEIDMANN" Swiss make insulations.

Overhauling of OLTC:

Periodic major overhauling of On-load Tap Changers, PTESU staff has special expertise of tap-changer of the following makes.

Replacement of Gaskets:

Oven MICAFIL Swiss made is installed at PTESU for perfect Demoisturization of the Transformer active-parts

State of Art Vapor Phase Drying:

High quality rubber gaskets which have proven stability against Transformer Oil and high environmental temperature and other pollutants. PTESU has special expertise of attending oil leakages on site.


Refurbishment of HV Bushings Current Transformer is another speciality of PTESU.

  • Field Services: For Grid Stations & Power Houses:
PTESU provides following field services at
customer's installations;
  • Commissioning and Testing of Power Transformers
  • Periodic prevent maintenance and Testing
  • Overhauling of On-load Tap Changers
  • Fault diagnostic activities at site (Testing,
    Internal Inspection) brand fault rectification
  • Replacement of Gaskets for attending oil leakages
  • Fault rectification at client door step
  • Replacment of H. V Bushing
  • Replacment of Gaskets.
  • Internal inspection of transformer.

Scope of Ptesu Services:

Following unique services of repairing the power transformers are being offered to the different customers.

  • Minor / major repair
  • Refurbishing / de-moisturizing
  • Complete rewinding / rehabilitating
  • Maintenance of OLTCs
  • Electrical testing of transformer
  • Transformer oil diagnosing
  • Inspection / testing at door step in field
  • Erection / commissioning at door step

Operative Equipments At PTESU:

  • Latest vapor phase drying equipment with top loaded auto clave.
  • Winding Design on Auto-CAD software
  • German make paper wrapping machine
  • Winding machines: Horizontal & vertical
  • 200 tons capacity overhead cranes
  • Oil dehydration plant: 5000 / 10000 Capacity Per hour.
  • High voltage test fields.
  • Insulation & Fabrication